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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 15, 2004 || 10:56 pm

The one where I try to reason with the bunny snugglers.

Hey there PeTA,

How you doin’?

Listen, I just wanted to tell you that if you don’t stop mailing your asswitted propaganda to my lovely but sometimes incredibly naive spouse, I’ma make it my personal mission to campaign fervently against your ‘organization’ and seek out your members one by one so that I can offer them a sweet weedle rabies-laden racoon to love on, you lamentably foolish monkey-hugging fucks.


Jett “I Think We All Know I’m Not Truly Kidding” Superior

pee ess…..no ferrets were harmed in the crafting of this website; don’t make me start.

peepee ess….and after them, the sugar gliders are next.

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  1. The Dane 1.15.2004

    I thought I was your little sugar glider!

  2. laura 1.16.2004

    What the heck is a sugar glider?

  3. Bakelite Lung 1.16.2004

    You’re blogging about PETA on the day that Michael Jackson is being arraigned? Where are your priorities?

  4. Jettomatika 1.16.2004

    That would be flogging a near-dead horse, which is animal cruelty, which in some strange Cosmic Zen Way ties in to this entry.

    Not to mention I live and breathe cases involving no-name Jackos on a daily basis….

  5. waistdog 1.16.2004

    As far as Sugar Glider’s?

    Just think of them, and then think…

    Tennis Raquets?

    Oh, the PC fun we could have.

  6. sean 1.16.2004

    It used to be everytime I thought about these kooks I thought of that group of bored rich kids from TWELVE MONKEYS. Now I think about the dolts from the opening of 28 DAYS LATER.

  7. Sarge 1.16.2004

    Imma nota even goin’ to ask…..but images of a flying squirrel in a Maple tree entered my head….

  8. john 1.16.2004

    Well, you have to consider that this is for those that like PETA and they are known as PETAphiles.

  9. trouble 1.16.2004

    i swear i spent two-and-one-half minutes trying to figure out what a sweet weedle is.

  10. waistdog 1.16.2004

    Sweet Weedles are a close cousin to Sugar Gliders.

  11. you are a brat

  12. brynne 1.16.2004

    haaa ha… sugar gliders.

    Have you ever heard ‘em when they’re pissed off? It’s hee-larious.

    If you haven’t heard it, I’m tellin’ ya… you should seek it out.

  13. waistdog 1.17.2004

    I’m not sure why?

    But I woke up this morning thinking that Sweet Weedles, and Sugar Gliders would make great names for breakfast cereals.

  14. Joe 1.17.2004

    You said peepee!

  15. Haha. Sock it to ‘em Jett. Legend.


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