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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 11, 2004 || 11:56 pm

(ways to entertain yourself while driving)

Road words.

Road music.

Ask yourself, “What would my doppelganger, Dino, do?”

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  1. melly 1.12.2004

    I am shocked. SHOCKED.

    Willie and I are not pleased.

  2. Jettomatika 1.12.2004

    Why don’t Willie and you su….

    I mean, I’m sorry to have disappointed you and Mister Nelson. In that order.

  3. Sarge 1.12.2004

    Hmmmm….I was so memorized by the WOW effects on the media thang, that I got transported back to the sixties for a few milliseconds…I remember something about a coin for keepin’ clean…Does changin’ ur underwaer count?

    Road Words…Too much traffic noise, Road Music sucks…I like the realllllll thang….DINO is the man!!

  4. Jett 1.13.2004

    No more free music for you people!

    Whiny-ass complainers!

  5. Sarge 1.13.2004

    Please keep the musak comin’, were bound to find somethin we like….


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