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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 4, 2004 || 3:00 pm

So very jazzed.

Jett: I, being a fun Christian m’self,
tend to gravitate towards other fun Christians

Kristen: mm hm.

Kristen: understandably so

Jett: I mean, COME ON, Jesus
didn’t take all that abuse and be miserable for us
to go around with Suckalemon Faces.

Kristen: er.

Kristen: suckalemon?

Jett: We should be all, "DUDE. I
*SO* did not have to be CRUCIFIED. I’m very
jazzed about that!"

Kristen: yeah, i mean.

Jett: (suckalemon=sour and
scrunched up)

Kristen: yeah

Kristen: i just realized that suck a lemon

Kristen: = suckalemon

Kristen: i am extremely not well versed in bible
talk, girl.

Kristen: and i hella thought you were making a
bible reference i didn’t know.

Jett: Yes, that’s in the book of
Suckalemon, Chapter seven, verse three.

Kristen: 2.5-6.991

Jett: (now say ‘ohhhm’)

Jett: (and drink from my magic

Kristen: haha.

Jett: (where ‘chalice’='boob’)

Kristen: good gracious

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