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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 29, 2004 || 5:04 pm

And, oh yeah!

Season two of theDane’s vidblogging genius commenced today.

It’s like I was telling him the other day: It makes me laugh to read articles (feh..not linking. NOT!) touting vidblogging as the revolutionary new!hot!thing, when he’s been doing it for over a year*, with style, panache and humor aplenty. He puts out a well-crafted product, and has had people tuning in with regularity to see the weekly installments because they’re simply golden.

Hat tip here to Adrian Miles, who says, “Any good blogger knows that words don’t come cheap. Neither should video.” Hear-hear, sir, and right the fuck on.

*at, by the way, the behest of your very own JettGrrrl

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  1. The Dane 6.29.2004

    Thanks for the kuds. Although, I think that by Adrian’s estimation, my vidblogs are craptastic.

    Well, they’re probably craptastic by most folks’ estimation.

  2. Jettomatika 6.29.2004

    I don’t think he was wholesale slamming silly humor, per se.

    I believe he meant silly, NOT WELL-THOUGHT-OUT humor. In which case, your vidblogging is above the fray.

    Plus, as far as production values go, you are aces, ole boy.


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