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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 24, 2004 || 10:47 am

My plans for world domination, part two.

Look, everyone knows that a good despot can’t overthrow all the world superpowers simultaneously and assume absolute control without a decent vacation.

So that’s why, after one-plus years of full-time work, full-time skoo and full-time fambly, I’m heading out to the coastline for the next five days. While there –with cold jigger after cold jigger of tequila in hand– I plan to flop down on the beach, bronze my peachy skin and get sand in my crack.

Brett, by virtue of the fact that he’d written a way-out-of-time song for me within hours of my return to blogging, is the meaningless figurehead of this tin-pot quasi-democracy until I get back. In the meantime, you can poke around the newly-restored archives some. They’ve been gone, by my best estimation, for nigh on three years now.

See all y’all on Tuesday, prolly with some good stories to tell. The Redneck Riviera is a funny place populated with amusing people. Ciao!

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  1. nina 6.24.2004

    oh suuuure! tease us like that.

    really though, glad you’re back. have a great time!

  2. John 6.24.2004

    The website looks great.

    I’m glad to hear you are taking some time off too.

  3. MaC 6.24.2004

    hmm, not cocktease, not really a mindfuck… there needs to be a new word invented for that kind of trickery…

    Have fun! And watch out for seagulls!

  4. Dean 6.24.2004

    You come back then go on vacation the very next day? What’s up with that?!?

    Have a good time Jett, see you when you return.

  5. clayton 6.25.2004

    I am *so* diggin’ the new site.

  6. ntexas99 6.25.2004

    I’ve been under a rock lately, myself … next thing you know, I come by here and find out your sanding your crack. Figures. Ain’t that a kick in the ass?

    New site design is tasty … love the buttons (how very Jett) … next time I crawl out from under my rock, I’ll come play with your stuff again

  7. fish 6.27.2004

    Oh hooray!

    So glad you’re back. We’ve missed you so!


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