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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 23, 2004 || 6:31 pm

Sweet Grandmomma’s gravy…you’re still here??

I once had a boyfriend that told me I smoked a cigarette like I was sucking a dick. I asked him if he was jealous.

Welcome to my newly-improved weblog! All you fuckers (especially you and you, ya delinking heretical bastidges) that bugged the crap outta me to hurry up and come back had BETTER put up a link to this place hollering “HALLELUJAH! She hath returnethed!” damn quick.

Aight then.

pe ess…have some pokey-fun with the sidebar. Not everything is linked up there yet; all in good time, sweet little Muffinasses.

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  1. The Dane 6.23.2004

    Blah blah blah, it never ends, does it?

  2. peter 6.23.2004

    Wow, i *just* found “My Heart” in iTunes and was like, “When is that crazy woman gonna get the plaid going on?” And then i loaded up and i was like, “Whoa, today.”

    So, really, where’s the tuneage?

  3. Jettomatika 6.23.2004

    I swear to GAAAAHD, you people are NEVER HAPPY!

    Not even when I link your bitchy-ass self in the body of the post!!

    “Dear Jett…Your website is so farging awesome. I love you madly and want to dance like a monkey for you. Love, Peter”

    How about some of that, huh??

    note: the previous angry outburst was typed with a large smile on my face….but you people knew that.

  4. RiotGeek 6.23.2004

    Welcome back! I have honestly missed you!!!!

    Is that good enough?

  5. peter 6.23.2004

    Dear Jett…

    Your website is so farging awesome. I love you madly and want to dance like a monkey for you.

    Love, Peter

    ps: Seriously, you’re pretty much my favorite blogging personality on the planet. And i got an A on my Senior Project. So, basically, I’m madly in love with you.

  6. Mac 6.23.2004

    The last time I saw plaid, some bloke from Scotland was tossing a telephone pole across a grassy bit of earth…

    I r a Scot, and I does like Red….;)

  7. blamb 6.23.2004

    Are you ready, boots? START WALKIN’!

    Yay, you is back.

  8. Skillzy 6.23.2004

    Well, I never took your link down, so don’t expect any ass kissin from me, unless you’re gonna smoke my cigarette.

    bout dang time, is all I have to say…

  9. KC 6.23.2004

    *deep sigh of relief* Finally!

  10. Joe 6.24.2004

    WOW! Very nice look!!!! Glad to see you back in action!

  11. mbl 6.24.2004

    Glad you’re back Jett! Now get to posting, will you?

  12. laura 6.24.2004

    YAY! You’re back! I was happy to see you near the top of my blogroll this morning. :D

  13. MaC 6.24.2004

    ‘Bout damn time! Awesome layout! but where did you get a picture of one of my boots?

    new pics on my page by the way.

  14. Jennifer 6.24.2004

    I am so glad glad glad you’re back. You’ve been MISSED!

    Now, is there any way you’d consider an RSS feed? :)

  15. Angie 6.24.2004

    Hello my daahling. Nice to see you back.

    S’about fucking time.

  16. sugarmama 6.24.2004

    To quote everyone else

    It’s about fucking time!!!

  17. sarabelle 6.24.2004

    Yes, you can have your linketh backeth now.

    This design is really quite nice. I understand why it took you three effing months!

  18. Johnny T 6.24.2004

    Hip, Hip, Horray! Jett is back!

  19. nina 6.24.2004


    and what they said

  20. gjoe 6.24.2004

    Dearest Jett,

    I will not dance like a monkey for you. A dancing monkeys is so passe– not that I judge Peter for his dancing though. You understand.

    Rather Dearest Jett, I will dance like a thousand monkeys who have given up on Ritalin, switching to Angel Dust instead.

    One-Thousand dancing, whacked-out monkeys who juggle flaming hot dogs.

    One-Thousand dancing, whacked-out, weiner-tossing monkeys belting out “Copacabana” in 12-part harmony.

    One-Thousand dancing, whacked out, weiner-tossing, Manilow-impersonating monkeys standing in line at Burger King ordering Whoppers with cheese, Heavy-Mayo, Extra-Pickes, No-Onions, Extra-Pepper, hold-the-ketchup and a medium Orange Soda.

    One-Thousand dancing, whacked out, weiner-tossing, Manilow-impersonating, cheeseburger-eating monkeys on their way to Sunday Services in the First Holy Monkey Church of the Greater Metropolitan area of Truth or Consequenses New Mexico, reformed.

    One-Thousand dancing, whacked out, weiner-tossing, Manilow-impersonating, cheeseburger-eating, Jesus-as-their-personal-Lord-and-Savior monkeys, hawking Thin-Mints (in the pretty green box with pictures of children climbing mountains and cooking grizzly-pork chops on open fire) so they can go to Summer Camp and reach personal fulfilment.

    Yes, Dearest Jett, I will dance like One-Thousand dancing, whacked out, weiner-tossing, Manilow-impersonating, cheeseburger-eating, Jesus-as-their-personal-Lord-and-Savior, Girl-Scout monkeys. Why? Because you’re back on the inter-web and everything seems right again in this little corner of the world.

    Welcome back.

  21. The Llama 6.24.2004

    What a bitchin’ suprise. Far out.

    I would say something else, but that last comment would blow me out of the water no matter what, so… tada.

  22. cal 6.24.2004


    she’s back. ’bout damn time. ;-)

  23. melly 6.25.2004

    I wasn’t expecting to see an actual blog so I snorted my lemon/lime Lucas straight up my nose.

  24. skyra 6.27.2004

    WOOOOOHOOOO!!! The queen is back!

    So very glad to see a true blue blog back and atter goil!

  25. Keith 6.27.2004

    Oh, you’re not the first to fall off the face of the planet. At least one of us managed to pull herself back into the game. :)

  26. zee 7.1.2004

    woohoo, Jett’s back with guns a’blazin… rock on, lady! missed ya!


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