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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 7, 2004 || 7:54 am

Denim-and-rhinestone 3″ platform flip-flop haiku

Oh, fine summer shoe

Why must you be so noisy

Pop-pop! down the hall.

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  1. MaC 7.7.2004

    trying to burglarize homes in flip-flops?

  2. Mish 7.7.2004

    I too have a pair of sequins flip flops that are REALLY FUCKING LOUD.

    Silver Sequins Flips

    Why so god-damn FUCKIN LOUD?

    Please be silent NOW.

    Thanks for the inspiration there :-)

  3. The Dane 7.7.2004

    An Ode to My Once-Hip-for-13-Seconds Sandals

    by The Dane

    week-old, carved pumpkins

    no longer pop, fresh, or hip

    such are my Tevas

  4. Mac 7.7.2004

    Plop! Plop!,

    Two year old in heels….

    Grandpa’s got a headache…

    How do my sneakers feel..

  5. melly 7.9.2004

    I had these really beautiful, satin mules when I started college. I thought I was going to look like some hot shit.

    I should have tried them out before I bought them. Walking across campus, it seemed like with every fourth step or so, one of the mules would go flying ten feet ahead of me.

    Some bitches can wear mules, man. Apparently, I cannot.


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