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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 26, 2004 || 11:23 pm


I sat in the grey chair,

The overstuffed one and

Leaned back, my hair

Cinched loose with a hank

Of ugly red ribbon;

Lips parting, my brow glistened

As your one hand settled on

My hip and the fingers of the

Other danced between my


My eyes fluttered,

Your own gleamed, your lips

Brushing my ear, “Now.”

I said “thankyouseeyoulater.”

And ~leaning against the door~

Bit my cheek, then shot the bolt.

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  1. Joelle 7.26.2004

    Firstly, damn.

    Secondly, this is oddly reminiscent of 1991.

  2. Dean 7.28.2004

    woooo weeeee. That’s my kinda porn.

  3. Jettomatika 7.29.2004

    Frankly, Joelle, it may have been circa 1991 for me, as well.

    NINETY-ONE: A WACKY YEAR (I ended up NOT going to war and having a lotta-lotta-LOTTA sex0rs)


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