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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 15, 2004 || 12:09 am

Evening Vignette

Maxim and Jett are piled up together on the couch. Jett is giggling madly at something Maxim just said.

MAXIM: I love your laugh; it makes my heart glad. I’ll do anything to hear you laugh.

Jett turns to Maxim, eyebrows raised.

JETT: Oh…then go get a spatula, some duct tape and take your pants off.

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  1. melly 7.15.2004

    You guys were laughing at my nude photos, again, weren’t you?

  2. MaC 7.15.2004

    is this a new Mcguyver lt?

  3. Nina 7.15.2004

    So, will he do ANYTHING? Or did he pull a Meatloaf?

  4. Tee hee hee.

  5. RobboBobbo 7.19.2004

    I’m confrused….who gets the spatula and duct tape..him or you? See, I’m holding both and don’t know what to do wit it…..seeing hows I’m alone, it doesn’t really matter, ‘ceptn it gives me a visual…please help soon…..


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