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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 12, 2004 || 10:28 pm


Mathias at play:

“Okay, here’s how it is:
“If you don’t dance, then we’ll take out your brain.”

You know, I’ve never looked at it quite like that.

I think that should be the official Muffinass motto.

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  1. jazz hans 7.13.2004

    The boy is a genius!

    He has come up with a great new reality show that will appeal to all age groups!

    It mixes the dance marathons of our grandparent’s days, unnecessary surgery of our parent’s era, and our generation’s fascination with “stare at the train wreck” reality TV!

    Now for the real twist.. We can limit contestants to having been judges, hosts or producers of other reality shows!

    I will be fed exing releases signing all your son’s interests in the idea to my production company; please sign it as his legal guardian and get it back to me ASAP and his pittance….er I mean generous compensation will be sent out shortly.

  2. sean 7.13.2004

    Wow. It’s a good thing my new lady friend is getting me used to dancing, a bit. In a true fight-or-flight moment I actually did a bit of stage dancing last Friday. It was the back of the stage and I felt equally as retarded as the folks ( who by my estimation should be doing better, considering they do this all the time) I felt as retarded as I hoped the rest of them should have felt. Still, I did it. Hoo-ray for late bloomers.

  3. -=e=- 7.13.2004

    Jett, honey? Have I stumbled onto your site in the middle of a redesign? I’m on Mozilla and all I see is black text on a black background. I had to highlight the text to read it.

    I’ll come back later…

  4. Jettomatika 7.13.2004

    MISTER BROOKS! Way to ruin the beta for the STEALTHblog that we’re experimenting with here at [Abuantg.]

    In other words, keep up with the comments and you’ll know what changes are afoot in these partses.

    In closing, I will leave you with the party line of the True Muffinass:

    “No expectations, no limitations, functionality implied, but not guaranfuckingteed!”

  5. Da 7.16.2004

    It’s true. You know the mummies of Egypt suffered from the same thing; being dead they couldn’t dance, so their entombers would pluck their brains out. It’s true. Look it up.

  6. Anonymous 7.16.2004

    ‘Da’ would be ‘Daniel B. McClelland:’ aka ‘Mr. Push The Enter Key A Little Too Prematurely.’

  7. RobboBobbo 7.19.2004

    Do you think that includes pole dancing or lap dancing??? Yes? Good …I’m covered then.


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