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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 31, 2004 || 11:52 pm

I always miss all the good shit!

(I win all the pun points for the day, as you might well have guessed.)

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  1. The Llama 8.1.2004

    Vent on, sister woman!

    A har har har!

  2. Joelle 8.2.2004

    I don’t know, sistah souljah might be worse. And how is it the Poo Flinging happens after I move out of Texas?

    And because I”m too lazy to go dig for your email, allow me to declare the following:

    I want to mount your blog design. Like, if I could get your writing and your blog design in a 3 way, my name would be Fingercuffs.

  3. The Llama 8.2.2004

    Beautiful reference. =)

  4. Jettomatika 8.3.2004

    Joelle: That is Grade-A Prime Reader Commentating at its finest.


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