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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 1, 2004 || 1:16 pm

I Got Nobody In Arizona

Far as I know,

I got nobody in Arizona wantin’ to call me

Oh, once, sure…

There were a couple

Of no-count (no-counts is my favorite),

Belly-to-the-emotional-bar (them sorts, too)

Kind of somebodies that would

Set sail their adventures to me

Over tinny wisps of voice-wire;

Funny and wry and always discombobulated by life

(and I’ll admit for sure

that I miss shooting the shit with them),

My Arizona-people;

But numbers change or vector out

To who-knows-where

Like somebody singin’ “Why do thangs haveta change”

And the pat answer, sighed out under curl of lip

“They just do, is all.”

Yeah, I got nobody in Arizona wantin’ to call me

So why is my phone hollerin’ from the six-oh-two

Like a trapdoor to the past?

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  1. hans 7.1.2004

    probably some telemarketing company. MCI closed a huge telemarketing center, and it’s employees have been picked up by other scam artis…I mean companies.

    If you cross your fingers and hold your breath, neither MCI nor AT&T will be in that business much longer:


    Also, If it’s from 602 and it is a individual, be careful! it’s been long established that EVERYONE in 602 have shifty eyes and little hands; people not to be trusted.

  2. Funkalicious 7.1.2004

    Being a refugee from the 520, I can relate.

    This is truly an awesome blog design, BTW. Damn…

  3. uh um 7.2.2004

    614 is like 602, only better. I have nothing to say about 480, though.

  4. hans free 7.2.2004


    I have plenty to say about all of 480, as does Stipe:

    “Don’t go back to 480, waste another year”

    The worst part of ieverything is that all of 928 will be burnt to the ground by fall; then what will be left? 520 and 623!


    I don’t even need to describe how ugly that picture is.


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