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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 15, 2004 || 8:14 pm

Send cash, and I’m really not kidding this time. Really.

So yesterday was my four-year bloggiversary. FOUR! YEARS!

We’re not going to count this year’s lengthy ‘redesign’ against me, as I have not taken a serious, serious break in all that time, and also because of a few facts (according to this place):

~To date, I have written one-thousand, five-hundred and sixty-two posts (of wildly varying length, content and quality).

~This makes the average number of posts per week seven (there’s that number again!).

~Total number of words? Three-hundred eighty-five thousand, seven-hundred sixty. On that one, the mind boggles (or wobbles, whichever you prefer): Nearly one-hundred thousand words cranked per year. Or, if you’re all about being precise, two-hundred seventy-six point six-six per day.

What a loser I am!

But I prefer the term ‘writer’.

I am, however, still not a technophile.

JettSuperior: Help me!

The Dane of 5683: whatup

JettSuperior: I’ve done something to my keyboard

The Dane of 5683: uhm

The Dane of 5683: let it dry out first

JettSuperior: okay, it’s not tequila-coated this time

The Dane of 5683: color me intrigued

JettSuperior: I mashed a button, and now I’m getting
all these strange characters like

JettSuperior: I dunno, things I’m not supposed to

JettSuperior: I’m trying to open and close tags and
getting something else instead!

JettSuperior: WAAAAAH!

The Dane of 5683: Uhm, have you tried restarting
your computer?

JettSuperior: No, no I have not.

The Dane of 5683: try that

JettSuperior: It’s easier to log on to AIM and whine
to someone smarter than me.

The Dane of 5683: that’s alwasy the first thing

The Dane of 5683: restarting often restores defaults

JettSuperior: Let me explore something here…

The Dane of 5683: get your fingers out of there!!! this
here;s a children’s program!!!

JettSuperior: *snort*

JettSuperior: (not)

JettSuperior: It must be this post

JettSuperior: every time I try and work on it,
something happens

The Dane of 5683: it must!

JettSuperior: Like the POWER WENT OUT last

JettSuperior: and then, before I hit ’save as draft’,
blogger fully went down for maintenance!

The Dane of 5683: hm

JettSuperior: (I have a bone to pick with them about
not caching unsaved posts anymore.)

The Dane of 5683: they don’t?

The Dane of 5683: dang, that’s a bummer

JettSuperior: and NOW, now I have a goofy cyrillic

The Dane of 5683: dude, that’s awesome

JettSuperior: (yes, for future ref, that feature is
requested for your decablog publishing)

The Dane of 5683: you didn’t take my advice did you

JettSuperior: I’m STILL HERE, aren’t I??

The Dane of 5683: i guess

The Dane of 5683: i wasn’t paying attention really

JettSuperior: *devastated*

JettSuperior: (no, really)

The Dane of 5683: aw

The Dane of 5683: *pats head*

The Dane of 5683: good boy!

JettSuperior: (okay, not really, playing for reaction)

JettSuperior: (got one, so histrionics are over)

The Dane of 5683: *hits with paper*

JettSuperior: I’m pissing on the carpet.

JettSuperior: THAT’S IT, MISTER.

The Dane of 5683: fine. it’s your carpet

JettSuperior: I get a semicolon when I try to close a

JettSuperior: What is going onnnnn?

The Dane of 5683: im not gonna tell you if you ignore
my advice

JettSuperior: You said shut down.

The Dane of 5683: yup

JettSuperior: I just don’t see how that can help when I
can be poking around in this machine, fucking more shit
up in an effort to learn!

The Dane of 5683: oh yeah. nevermind then

The Dane of 5683: (all southerners are retards)

JettSuperior: You come from Southern stock.


The Dane of 5683: we were shipwrecked on our way to
California from Denmark

JettSuperior: riiiiight.

The Dane of 5683: so didja learn anything excited
from my women tips? now you too can Win Some Ladies!

JettSuperior: is this a new post?

The Dane of 5683: vidblog

JettSuperior: ahhh, yes!

The Dane of 5683: did you miss this weeks?

JettSuperior: I learned that you speak spanish with a
rather odd dialect.

The Dane of 5683: i take it back, you’re not retarded.
you’re drunk

The Dane of 5683: I speak english with a weird dialect
so it follows

JettSuperior: (and my keyboard isn’t doing that thing
here in chat….<> SEE?)

JettSuperior: not drunk, just overwhelmed


JettSuperior: Ha! That’s all I needed! You swore!

The Dane of 5683: get outta here you lousy tramp

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  1. Johnny T 7.16.2004

    You crazy kids!

    I just don’t know about you two. A couple of real characters, you are.

  2. Bob 7.19.2004

    Hehe…tramp…TRAMP???? Can I get in on that?


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