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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 10, 2004 || 11:15 pm

State of the Union Address


…aaaaand, “…many find that keeping up with the pressures to post regularly and to be sharp, witty and incisive is often too much.

M’friends, that made me laugh like ass.

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  1. john 7.11.2004

    As the blogosphere turns…

    With only 3 million sites to choose from WIRED has uncovered a worrisome trend of burnout among a handful.


    Oh, bloggers are so bored they are talking about Dave Winer! It’s desperate times like these that call for guest bloggers. Close the comments, there’s a tidal wave of trollish wankery set to drown us all. Avast, your island blog is in sight. We shall live in peace sending posts from the safety of our conversationless sanctuary. Ah, how fondly I remember the days when I was an unpopular and unevolved protozoan of the blog-ecosystem, drifting lazily in the primordial soup. How excited I ‘d get to see something new in the refer-ra-ras. Now I must feed the beast that is my audience lest it worry, lest it wonder if I might be living a life outside the dull glow of the monitor. It watches. It waits. It hungers.

  2. Jettomatika 7.11.2004


    *standing ovation*

    Nicely done!

  3. MaC 7.13.2004

    you giggle funny…

    incidently, what is the story behind the picture next to this entry block? The girl reminds me a bit of claire daines…


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