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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 11, 2004 || 9:28 pm

Update, sort of.

Remember me telling you about Daniel? Well, his mother e-mailed me early this morning to point me toward this.

The Marine featured in the story is one of Daniel’s best friends. Dan’s mom has been in constant contact with his young wife, and things are apparently a little more grim than the story made out. The way I hear it, there will be some permanent loss of brain function.

Please, please don’t forget to insert our fighting men and women into your prayers tonight.

…and maybe you can take a minute to drop them a line of thanks and love, no matter the branch.

postscript: you should read this. It’s often heartbreaking, this loving of the devildogs, but it’s just in some people’s blood, it is who they are and who they were meant to be and you can no more change it than you could change the wind. You just love them and pray for them and grit your teeth while responding with a hearty bark of your own in return after they’ve thrown out the obligatory “OORAH”.

Yes, to love a Marine is often a heartbreaking thing. To love several takes someone mighty wonderful.

Goodnight, Chesty, wherever you are.

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  1. CNL 7.12.2004

    See, there you go again – tugging at my heart strings… *sigh*

  2. ntexas99 7.12.2004

    I have to make myself let the air out of my lungs and remember to breathe … when I think about all of them over there, it’s just too much. But think about them I do, and often. In my prayers, in my whispered pleadings, and in my tender heart that beats quietly on free soil. Yes, I pray.

    thank you for the nod … I still hear her authentic “Semper Fi” circling in my head. I add my own, and punctuate it with a sincere “Oooorah”.

  3. Mac66 7.13.2004

    Having two Marines in this family as well as others…Uh…I can only say that it is a way of life these days to pray for the KIA and wounded and POW’s and on and on….We can only hope for a time like in all wars, when some form of peace persists and we can rest a while, before the next conflict somes upon us…


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