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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 17, 2004 || 11:58 am

Congesty and Reminiscy.

The combination of the two is killing! me.

I, lying amidst the finest of bedlinens, –my hair spilling out golden across the poofiest of luxuriosly-covered pillows– old letters surrounding me, rattling like a freight train full of mucous and headache, just watched the dumbest fucking movie ever in the history of man and squalled like a bairn for a tit.

No e-mails returned, no posts until I’m up and despising the world again.

pee ess…should I have entitled this ‘Heartaches and Headcolds’?

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  1. melly 8.17.2004
  2. charles 8.17.2004

    Some one just made me watch, or tried to, “Pay it Forward”. Also a stinker. My tears were for the two hours I can never retrieve.

  3. Jettomatika 8.17.2004

    melly, I’ve not clicked the link, but that BETTER not be SFW!!!!

    It’s SFW, ISN’T IT??

  4. Jettomatika 8.17.2004

    It is.

    You dirty bitch.

  5. Jettomatika 8.17.2004

    charles: I don’t know where you found me, but your website is HAAAAHHHT.

    Just like that, with a big ole ‘aaaahhh’ in the middle.

  6. charles 8.17.2004

    >> but your website is HAAAAHHHT.

    mine? dude….yours!

    I don’t know where I found you either. Somehow you were in my favorites at work.

  7. Jettomatika 8.17.2004

    Dear Charles,

    You are my newest infatuation. Hope you don’t mind.

    Love and Rockets,

    Jett “WoooOOooo, Them Creative-Type Boys” Superior

    pee ess…welcome to Muffinassery!

    pee-pee ess…you are in good company. There is clayton, pockets (aka spacemonkey), theDane, blamb, wretched dee and sidekick daniel, redclay, ezrael, adam, barber, peter. Please see sidebar for appropriate linkage.

    Dear Other Jett’s Boys:

    Please do not be hurt if you were not mentioned above. I have a cold and am full-on woozified. It’s a different kind of woozy than the typical tequila-woozy than I usually sport.

    Love you, baby; mean it,

    Jett “I’m Not Being Politically Correct, REALLY” Superior

  8. skillzy 8.17.2004

    You skipped me. Kiss my butt.

    But more to the point, did I not warn you LESS THAN A WEEK AGO not to go digging around in old letters? That shit is WHEY scarier than Doom 3.

  9. Jettomatika 8.17.2004

    Skillz, baaaayby….

    You get Telephonic Jett. Fully trumps a comments mention.

  10. Jettomatika 8.17.2004

    Re: The Letters

    Canna help it. I’m a Scar-Fingerer. Makes for some great entries, to include portry.

    Besides, you know. You KNOW.

  11. charles 8.18.2004

    we all want to transcend

    it’s the water and the wave

    its about you and me

  12. charles 8.18.2004

    I’m your newest infatuation? I’ll pass, thanks. I want to be your

    rare diagnosis

    untreated infection

    breaking fever

    burning shame

    blushing tears

    ruddy skin

    breath drawn in

    tender bruise

    rendered hue

    frenzied you

    buried tears

    secrets, fears










  13. red clay 8.18.2004

    jett, honey. i didn’t realize it was ok to hit on you in here.

    ida had a whole lot more to talk about, ida known.

  14. Jettomatika 8.18.2004



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