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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 9, 2004 || 11:29 pm

HOLY CRAP! Where has the year gone?

Scout says, “WHEEE! I’m in junior high now!”

Mathias says,Cake rolls for snack, momma.”

Sam says, “I worked my butt off at football practice today.”


Jett says, “Oh, my babies!”

All my wee ones are in school now. *misty-eyed* I didn’t cry. Mostly.

All I got to say is: They better get scholarships to college, because they’re growing so quickly that they’re wearing their college funds.

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  1. Mac66 8.10.2004

    Beautiful brood of blushing buds…;)

  2. I like to think that, come the Southern (you think YOU are Southern? Pff!) Hemisphere’s summer, I’ll be as tanned as them kids. Roll on December!

  3. 1) your kids look fashionably different from each other. That is, their difference is fashionable, not that their sense of fashion is different.

    2) scout totally looks like Ingrid. Back me up Dan.

  4. Robbo Bobbo 8.10.2004

    I don’t know any Ingrid, but Scout is a bona fied clone of Jett. It is spooky. I mean did her dad’s genes take a hike and leave Jett’s to come up with all of the traits? Jimminy Christmas!!! It’s like Mini Me, with out the propensity for evil and the obession with chocolate. At least I hope.

  5. CNL 8.10.2004

    I’m gonna cry now. I think I’m love with all those babies. *mooshie face*

  6. wheezy joe 8.10.2004

    charmin’ chilluns you got there. altho mathias looks a tad pasty between t’other two. like a Superior creme cookie.

  7. kalee 8.10.2004

    beautiful children…


  8. melly 8.10.2004

    They’re so cute! I would pinch their cheeks but we both know they’d kick my ass.

  9. Cush 8.11.2004

    Seeing these photos of yer kids, and comparing them to photos of you in different stages of youth makes me realize that them there scientists might be on to something with understanding that DNA is genentic… Funny how they really have different resemblances to you in different ways, not that I have stared at your picture for hours or anything…. ok now I’m a ‘Fucking, liardy liarpants liarface…

  10. Jett 8.11.2004

    Mac: thanks!

    Dan: and to think, they’ve ‘faded’ some!

    Wretched: while their fashion sense is indeed different (Sam=laid-back skatepunk, Scout=burgeoning punk-punk, Mathias=angrynerdrock), I grok you. They all look like they were spawned from different couplings if seen in the right lighting.

    RB: chocolate gives her migraines. And I hogged up all the mean before I could pass it on to m’kidlets.

    CNL: you know, they’re pretty hard not to love. No bias speaking.

    wheezy: ‘Superior creme cookie’ made me laugh like ASS. And yes, the boy is afflicted with his father’s heroin-chic paleness.

    kalee: thanks.

    melliloulou: only if I gave the attack command, which is a trusted family secret. Kind of like gramma’s cookie recipe.

    Cush: you know, I’ve never thought of it like that…but you’re dead-on with that assessment.

  11. Skillzy 8.12.2004

    My littlest one started first grade this morning. Wifey just called me squallin, after she’d dropped them off. Life zooms by like the telephone poles next to the highway.


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