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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 22, 2004 || 12:38 am

Jett Superior, Rock Promoter Extraordinaire

There are so many things to talk about, but this cold has just freaking zapped my energy completely. The notion of sitting here pecking away for the next half-hour is pretty abhorrent at present.

There was this girl at the show tonight, however, and I feel I should tell you about her. She was fifteen, with striped kneesocks (yellow and grey) and striped arm warmers up to the elbone (grey and black) and black Chucks. She had short, flyaway brown hair that looked as if it had been in a scramble with some sort of lawn-grooming implement (not to be confused with the ‘purposely messy’ look that is oh-so-chic these days). She had on baggy, grey (washed so much they was butter soft, they was) cut-off-at-the-knee denim shorts and a white t-shirt with ‘THE CLASH’ yelling out from her chest in yellow block type.

She had a two-inch red star sticker plastered above her left eyebrow; that’s what sealed the deal for me. We talked and talked, this kid and I, when I was not busy running around the venue, TCOS.

She was quite possibly the coolest person from a ‘neato’ standpoint that I have met all farging year. She makes me hopeful for the future of womankind: She was that awash in massive radness.

My wish for you, lovely Muffinasses, is that you meet someone like Darcy in the near future. What a treat.

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  1. charles 8.22.2004

    photograph her

  2. Johnny T 8.22.2004

    Darcy is a cool name too.

  3. Jettomatika 8.22.2004

    charles: I would, but she is long gone.

    Barber: TOTALLY

  4. Coelecanth 8.23.2004

    Very nice to hear that there’s still cool kids out there. Nowadays at gigs all I seem to think is “nice uniform, shame about the brain”. Mind you, people probably thought that about me back when my hair was pointier and my boots bigger.


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