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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 19, 2004 || 1:09 pm

Let’s play.

Stuart was always going on and on these days about the burnt taste of his peanuts. It drove her nuts. So much so that every time he opened his mouth any more, she passed the time when she was to be listening to him imagining odd and sundry things being stuffed up in there.

That’s the start of a story. Each of you gets three sentences, just like me…only yours go in the comments. First commenter pick up where I left off, second one pick up where first left off and so on and so forth. Thread ends when I slap a finish on the whole shebang.

None of you fuck this up or I will hurt you with a wild and vicious passion. Have fun! Readyyyyy, BREAK!

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  1. Bob 8.21.2004

    A small rodent, kerosene-soaked rags, or maybe even her very own foot, wearing stileto heels. How and why had she decided to waste her time with him? Peanuts, always with the peanuts.

  2. Anonymous 8.21.2004

    Saturday, August 21, 2004 Associated Press:

    “Ringleader pulls plug on web-log collaboration”

  3. Jettomatika 8.21.2004

    NONONO! Someone made an error and asked me to fix it.

    By ‘fixing it’ I’m sure he didn’t mean ‘accidentallly delete the whole thread’, but that must have been how my subconscious grokked it.

    I plan to re-post the whole thread when I have a minute or ten.

    Ringleader, heh. The more I think about it, the more apropos it is….it’s a circus around here.

  4. Kat 8.22.2004

    [picking up where Bob left off]

    Looking back, she saw now it was really only a matter of time. And naturally, it would be the peanuts to finish the bastard off. It was an ingenious plan, bourne of boredom, contempt, and her typical snotty sense of humor.

  5. Kat 8.25.2004

    i’m gathering there was a story here that got deleted. bother. this is a promising idea. want to play. don’t want to be hurt with a wild and vicious passion. (well maybe, but under other circumstances i think).

    So let’s get on with the story.


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