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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 30, 2004 || 9:12 am

Maxim, to me, just now.

“Tell me when you’re done with the computer.

“Better yet, stand up, lift your shirt, show me your boobs, and then tell me you’re done with the computer.”

You can see why I would love such a person. Shit like that falls out of his mouth all the time.

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  1. SmedRock 8.30.2004

    Well since you are taking requests…. :)

  2. sugarmama 8.30.2004

    That sounds just like Mr. S. Life at his house cannot go on without frequent boob flashery or grabbery.

  3. zee 8.30.2004

    see, there really are a fewl guys left that know exactly what to say. ;o)

  4. clayton 8.30.2004

    i thought shit like that fell out of everyones mouth…

    awe shucks. i’m special after all!

  5. charles 8.30.2004

    Tell me when you’re back on the computer, better yet…

  6. zee 8.30.2004






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