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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 2, 2004 || 11:31 am

My plans for world domination, part three.

Look, everyone knows that a good despot can’t overthrow all the world superpowers simultaneously and assume absolute control without the obligatory morning sexual release.

That’s why this morning –instead of writhing ecstacically, having been brought up from sleep’s embrace by Maxim’s deft touch– found me fishing under the bathroom sink for tampons, saying, “There go my plans for world domination.”

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  1. blamb 8.2.2004

    But some people are into that. I heard that most of the more iron-fisted dictators are. Never ventured there myself; call me timid, call me sensitive, call me queasy … besides, I can’t even open both of my eyes properly until I’ve had a solid cup of joe.

  2. what where you up to on your sabbatical?

    you came back RUDE

  3. Robbo Bobbo 8.3.2004

    I have ventured there and looked like a crime scene afterward. I’ll stick to the other 20 or so days from now on.

    Sorry for the visual…


  4. Skillzy 8.3.2004

    This is why world domination is the domain of men and post-menopausal wimmens. Personally, I want to be the evil henchman who does all the fun stuff in the background for the boss, the consigliere. I can be your Dick. Cheney, that is.

  5. blamb 8.3.2004

    re: visual

    AH, MY EYES!

  6. Anonymous 8.3.2004

    Blamb: I am the exceptional iron-fisted dictator. Besides, I’ve not assumed absolute control yet; this means I’m still the one washing the sheets.

    That, and something about religion, blahdeeblah.

    RBD: This, from the fellow who (along with his mates) flings terminology like ’sex wee‘ wantonly about his site.

    Dear Rob,

    Despite the fact that you are a lifelong, real-time, we’s-been-drunkards-together friend, YOU”RE GETTING A TIME OUT FOR THAT ONE. Sit quietly until beckoned!!


    The Girl With The Non-Existent Father And Very Intimidating Southern Mother

    Skillz: You win all the points for today for using ‘consigliere’ properly in a sentence. It warms my wop heart to see such.

  7. Jettomatika 8.3.2004

    And I, your fabulous hostess, just posted under ‘Anon’.

    How very low rent.

  8. Jettomatika 8.3.2004

    Blamb: not really about the religion thing.

  9. blood on my hans 8.3.2004

    seems to be a common topic, I guess this is the week to go with the flow

  10. RobboBobbo 8.6.2004

    Wouldn’t “blood on my glans” be funnier? Sorry,…back to time out……

  11. Jettomatika 8.6.2004

    Dear RB,

    Never, EVER do that again.

    You people are so weird,



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