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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 30, 2004 || 8:50 am

Not that we care about these stupid elitist-bastard contests, but….

…my little theDane has been nominated in the Best Use of Multimedia on a (blog?)Site category for the second quarter 2004 over at Diarist.net.

Go tell theDane “WOO!” and “GOOD JOB!” and other exclaimy-type congratulatory things. But mostly, just go vote for him. Most especially if even one of his vidblogs has ever made you laugh like ass.

And I know one has, you fuckers. I know one has.

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  1. Kat 8.31.2004

    Well if you must know, my laugh-like-ass favorite is “Unmitigated Violence”. I start out chuckling, then a chortle escapes, and suddenly, I’m all out gaffawing.


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