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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 21, 2004 || 2:22 pm

NOTICE (damnit)

I, in an extreme moment of fatige fatigue and fucktardery, have ‘doctored’* the comments thread to the story post. I’ve managed to screencap the read-only file and will commence to editing down and posting those comments previously entered later so that we may continue (thangs was jes’ gettin’ good).

That is all.

Your Humble and Technologically Inept Hostess

*Where ‘doctored’=summarily deleted original thread(whoopsies)

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  1. charles 8.21.2004

    we have absolute faith in you.

  2. Joe 8.21.2004

    Ahhhh… Buggering….

  3. Lothregast 8.22.2004

    There is hope yet in these dark days.


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