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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 7, 2004 || 11:39 pm

Superior conversations

Maxim and Jett are having dinner in the living room. Little do their children know that they do evil, heinous things like eat while parked on the sofa when the wee ones are away. There is conversation as Maxim peruses the Lowe’s sale flyer and Jett watches the Weather Channel to see (and we quote) ‘if it’s gonna be hotter’n four hells out there tomorrow.’

MAXIM: Hey, did you know that there’s a toilet out there that will flush like thirty golf balls?

JETT: Maxim, do you honestly know anyone that shits golf balls?

Jett is distracted by a blurb about Portugal.

JETT: Ohhhh, Portugal. I’ma go there some day.

JETT: But first I guess I better learn a little Portuguese.

MAXIM: I know a little Portuguese.

JETT: Yeah?

MAXIM: Yeah. His name is Manuel.

It’s Saturday night and we’re sitting at home eating healthy foods, reading sale papers, watching the weather and having conversations like this. We’re so fucking boring and stupid.

And did I mention how very unsexy all of the above are, especially concurrently?

Quick! Somebody send us pasties, bootleg liquor and a cabana boy.

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  1. Johnny T 8.9.2004

    I am all too familiar with being a dork. Gettin’ hitched and havin’ youngins’ seem to be a fail-safe recipe for dorkness.

  2. I heard that having ironic, self-depreceating humour is the trick to being hip and cool these days. You seem to have an ample abundance, so…


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