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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 20, 2004 || 11:55 am

Thus far unvoiced.

Even now, I get the occasional hit from waistdog’s place. It makes me wince, but at the same time –in some crazy, hopeful way– I go running over to his site to see if anything’s changed.

It hasn’t. Rick hasn’t magically appeared to offer me some pith, some wisdom, some liquid-through-the-nose humor.

I haven’t said so, because I love all your comments, but I really, really miss waisty coming around these parts and bouncing clever one-liners offa me. He was one of the ‘originals’ (and booooyyy, was this place a hoot then!): chum, hans, trouble, unx, theDane, Samurai Barber, timato. I had maybe twenty hits a day and what inhabited the comments area was rowdy, smart and full of unmitigated glee.

I miss Rick’s e-mails, I miss hearing his voice. I miss the three-way volleys between melissa and me and him. I miss my friend immensely. There is, quite frankly, a disappointment when I open the comments box to read what has been placed there for me and see that he’s not one of the ones gifting me with his thoughts, his responses, his words.

Skits and I had a little exchange after he first died, and she was the first (actually the only) person to voice what I had screaming in my heart and head after Rick’s untimely death and subsequent spike in traffic because of looky-loos:

“GO AWAY!! Go away, you fucks, you did not know him! Leave us to our grief.”

Only she put it in a much nicer fashion than I ever could’ve.

I wish I wasn’t such a fucking technotard. I would like to be able to write a little script or sommat that would automatically –like, as soon as I hit ‘publish’– assign a blank comment signed ‘waistdog’ at the end of every post. Just as a little tribute. Just to make me feel a bit better.

I’ve only shared this with a couple of people, but the day I pulled the site for the “ten-YEAR-long-redo” (Skillzy is such the exaggerator!), I wrote an entry and one hour later the site was down. The post was entitled, ‘My plans for world domination, part one‘.

Waistdog was the first –and only– person to comment that morning. How fitting that he be the only person to respond that day, and that he be the last person with commenting privileges before the hiatin’ commenced. And, last but not least, how ironic what he wrote:

“Luckily, the world will still be there to dominate…..tomorrow.”

It breaks my heart even now to read it.

Boy howdy, do I miss that grand and wonderful fucker.

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  1. blamb 8.20.2004

    Jett: find him!

    hee hee hee hee hee

  2. Skillzy 8.20.2004

    Oh, sure, make light of my days wandering in the darkness, loyally (if not patiently) awaiting your return. Besides, in internet time it was more like forty-leven years.

  3. Jettomatika 8.20.2004

    See, Brett, you didn’t even know him and you get it.

    He woulda laughed his ASS off at that comment.

  4. red clay 8.20.2004

    love and death.

    if you don’t start pickin somethin i don’t know nothin about, ima take up ALL the space you got.

  5. melly 8.23.2004

    My mother is the biggest baby when it comes to being sick. She’s downstairs right now arguing with a two-year-old over a piece of pizza.

    Rick might have advised that I shove it in her face. After all, I’m a sick baby too.


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