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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 8, 2004 || 10:23 pm

Travel Log, Stardate Himminy-Hommina

Mister theDane left to go to Romania for two weeks. I talked to him today as he sat in LAX amongst the busy, rude Californians and international travelers that LAX is prone to shuttling through like so much bipedal cattle. Apparently you can get there (Romania, not Ell Ay) via airways and not even have to utilize buses and pack donkeys as I had previously misled myself to believe. The fact that theDane took the long route there the last time and told me all about it did not help factual interpretation at all.

After all, you people must remember that theDane is a sneaky punk and will eat your eyes made of meat.

I think that I successfully talked him into including his family (theDaneMom and theDaneDad, too!) in some vidblogging while there. If not, well, there’s plentya sheep in Romania, yeah? I hear sheepses really ham it on up for the camera.

But that could be just ugly ole unreliable hearsay.

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image Okay, Darling Superior Muffinasses, the first round of my eBay crrrrrap is up. I used words like ‘cool’ and ‘hella’ in the description titles so as to spark interest and drive up the bidding fervor (I foresee words like ‘wicked’ and ‘bitchin’ to describe the next batch). If you want the link, e-mail me (click on m’name below) or shoot me a line in the comments. Love ya, mean it!

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  1. cal 8.8.2004

    hell yeah…gimme the link, woman!

  2. roaming hans 8.9.2004

    ok I know it’s off topic, but when I hear about pocket methlabs , the south and social workers, how can I not think of you?

  3. sugarmama 8.9.2004

    Did you list the origin of sale as “hellabama”?


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