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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 23, 2004 || 8:38 pm

A Titty Ditty

OK kiddies, here’s some music to hold you over till Jett gets back. Fuck ‘Em Boyo is a catchy little tune off the London Booted compilation, performed by the cute as pie Miss Frenchie. London Booted is a collection of bootys (remixes) based on London Calling by (duh) the Clash. It’s awesome, and you should download the whole thing, especially if you like the Clash. I found it via Alabama music blogger extraordinaire Largehearted Boy. As the name implies, Fuck ‘Em Boyo is not safe for work, home, or within 200 yards of a school or church.


UPDATE: (Sunday night) Sorry if the song crashes your browser like it did mine on my laptop. It works fine if you right click it and save it to your machine. And welcome home Jett!

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  1. Nina 9.26.2004

    It worked fine on mine. Yay! Jett’s back. Y’all have been slacking and there hasn’t been anything to read here! boo! hiss! Ok, ok, y’all did a great job. but Jett’s gonna be back! *happy dance*


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