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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 30, 2004 || 12:09 pm

Couplet for IE

Oh, Internet Explorer, how I hate thee!

Absolutely despise thee, hate thee, motherfucking hate thee.

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  1. cal 9.30.2004

    gawd bless moz, eh?! many welcomes back, dear.

  2. skillzy 9.30.2004

    What’s the status, Kenneth? Have you made any progress? Time to start a Jett Powerbook fund?

  3. clayton 9.30.2004
  4. charles 9.30.2004

    They added a sex filter on the network at work and it won’t let me get to your site any more! So…

    what dirty descriptions did you put in the head of your page, hmmm?

  5. Unxmaal 9.30.2004

    Firefox. Do it. Do it now.

  6. Jettomatika 9.30.2004

    I did the Firefox tango yestidday sometime.

    However, there are still ‘issues’ to work through on this contarned piece of twenty-first century convenience.

    I’m mad at myself, because most of them are prolly my fault because of my own ignorance.

    But even more than that, I’M FURIOUS AT IE!

  7. blamb 9.30.2004

    You should be furious at yourself for using IE.

  8. Jettomatika 10.1.2004


  9. Muff dive 10.1.2004

    Now woman…what are you gonna do for October?

  10. blamb 10.1.2004

    uuuuhhhh, are your furious at IE?

  11. Kat 10.2.2004

    Oh Jett Superior, how we miss thee!

    Absoulely languish for thee, miss thee, motherfucking want that damned computer glitch fixed and you the hell back on your own freakin’ site for the love of pete.

    Pardon my french.

  12. Jettomatika 10.2.2004

    It’s okay. You can say ‘for the love of Pete’ here.

  13. Kat 10.2.2004

    Really, well ok then, if you say so.

  14. john 10.3.2004

    Will no one stand up to defend IE?

    No one?

    Don’t look at me. I’m all up in Mozilla.

    But it’s just a little sad.

  15. The Dane 10.3.2004

    Okay, here goes. File-downloading is much easier and more intuitive in IE. Tabbed browsing is waaaaay over-rated and maybe even kind of a little annoying. Firefox doesn’t read all finely crafted CSS properly either. Page-rendering goes smoother in IE.

    That said, I use Firefox because, due to malware imported through IE’s open borders, IE no longer stays open and stable.

  16. blamb 10.5.2004

    Nooooo! Tabbed browsing the the lifeblood of my online existence! For the love of Pete …

  17. Kat 10.5.2004

    Hey watch your mou… oh, wait, no you’re okay here.


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