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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 14, 2004 || 8:47 pm

Wow, I’ve never posted on a cool blog before. I have to get used to this new Blogger, I left right before they fixed everything. But I digress, on to business:

If you’re supposed to be an admin, but didn’t get set up because you were a lazy slacker (I mean heck, Jett gave you like FOUR hours to get signed up before she poofed), let me know and I’ll try to set you up. We need some more because right now it’s me, Sugarmama, and The Dane, and there’s a real good chance me and Sugah will be without power for a while when Ivan blows through. If you want to be a guest poster and didn’t get invited, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to get you in. Just realize that your posts had better be damn funny and somewhat confusing, in the proud tradition of ABUANTG. We have a rep to uphold here.

Finally, Jett has encouraged all the guest posters to remind us about your own sites so that everyone can go check them out. Of course, I’d never do something that crass and selfish myself.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot – fuckity fuck fuckin fucktastic fuckers! Have fun evvabody!

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  1. Hey. Hook us up with an invite? Everything she sent me has gone kaput and won’t work at all.

  2. sugarmama 9.15.2004

    skillzy you suck

    you suck

    you suck!!!!!!!!!!



    yes he does

    peeeuuuu- weeeee!

    how does it feel to have a heckler?

  3. skillzy 9.15.2004

    Watch it, Sugah, or I’ll tell everyone you have a skinny butt.



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