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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 3, 2004 || 1:12 am

Hey Diego, swear on my telephone it’s true.

Well, my gaahhhhhd.

How to tell you? How to tell you that crazy, swirly things happen and you, at eleven-thirteen Central Standard Time on a slow-moving Thursday night, could have your stomach dropping to your ankles and bouncing back up to jog your heart, sending warmth and murmurs rolling through it like the world’s most pleasant of Chinook Winds?

That someone can be missed horribly without you ever knowing, without you ever having knowledge of the full context of it until they come flailing back into your sphere of existence.

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All we can see is a bare shoulder and a tumble of hair. So still is she amidst the security of comforter and pillows that she could be dead; she has mastered the art of sleeping at last. The phone rings; it wakes the young woman in the bed. She knows instinctively who it is.

HER: Whatcha doin’?

HIM: Eatin’ a donut. Just smoked a bowl.

HER: Mmmph. What day is it?

HIM: The day you get to talk to me, loser.

HER: Fuh-uhhhhck, I get to do that every day.

HIM: And what a lucky young lady that makes you.

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Hit it, champy:

If you were here right now, I would give you, like, such a noogie.

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  1. Kat 9.3.2004

    This post has a really cool “Lost In Translation” feel to it, complete with a soundtrack. Whoever it was, thanks for a blast of U2 this AM. Anyone who runs U2 through your head is worth blogging about.

  2. charles 9.3.2004

    >> This post has a really cool “Lost In Translation” feel to it.


    >> Anyone who runs U2 through your head is worth blogging about


  3. Lothregast 9.4.2004

    umm… who you speak of is not clear

    in pained confusion I shed a tear

    nice to know, lost in the swirl

    Jetty’s such a kooky girl…

  4. Jettomatika 9.5.2004

    Kat, Charles: re: the ‘Lost In Translation feel’ remark…please explain. It would help if I’d seen the film in its entirity, but I kept falling asleep (damned narcolepsy). So I’ve seen like, four beginnings and no ends.

    All the Very Important Men in my life have a U2 song assigned to them. Only this one, he dedicated that particular song to me: “That song reminds me of you every fucking time I hear it.” So that’s why it’s his.

    Lothy: A very dear friend just randomly fell back into my life. And the rhythm is still there.

    Like last night, for instance: I told him, “You know, there’s some pretty hefty IQ points between us, but when we get together it’s like we just boil all the stupid to the top and work from that.”

    And that’s true. And it’s FABulous.

  5. Kat 9.6.2004

    Re: Lost in Translation “feel” . At the end of the movie, after watching two people build something deliciously unidentifiable thing between them, he whispers something in her ear that makes her smile at a moment she most needs something to smile about, and we, the breathless audience, are not privy to that all important communication. It is tantalizing and satisfying all at the same time. Your unnamed buddy, complete with soundtrack, just reminded me of that sense of how much I;d like to know but how not-my-bizzniss it is and how delightfully mysterious that can be.


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