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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 9, 2004 || 10:25 pm

It’s not panhandling, it’s CAPITALISM!

Now, I realize that I’m shooting myself in the foot by waiting until now to do this (like the White Rabbit…”No time! No tiiiime!”) as Fridays are a lag day to post, but, but, but…TUESDAY! We leave out on TUESDAY for the Scotland trip; our expenses and a good chunk of materials/supplies got funded, and I’m very, very thankful for that.

Frankly, I’d like to have some pocket change of my own. In order to buy a plateful of haggis or whatever other meager little pleasure (a Scottish fella on a motorbike?) catches my fancy.

So, without further delay, I’d like to offer up some photos of a few pieces from the most recent batch of cigar box purse designs at a Super! Discounted! Rate!

This one’s scattered with Catholic medals ‘held in place’ by carpet tacks; the tag in the center cheekily says ‘(covered)’. Iridescent bead handle and burgundy chain tassel.

Collagey feel with authentic vintage bottlecaps (the ‘chaser’ one is my very own favorite out of all of them). Honestly, it was the first time I’ve made this kind of handle and boyyyy, was it a bitch threading the wire through the cord. But it turned out surprisingly cute and next time it’ll be no sweat and much, much faster going.

I love the holy hell outta this design. Little worry people scattered across a Caribbean-feel handpainted background and a suede-and-canvas strap. Sometimes things come out even better than what I see in my head. Imagine that.

Every gal needs a fancy-dress purse. This one fits the bill with black dupioni silk background, oodles of sparkly rhinestones and faux-pearl and lampwork bead handle (two of the beads are nestled in the sweet little fur fluffs at each end of the purse handle).

Okay, this photo is a little washed out. For closer representation of actual colors, please see the photo below. The vintage feel to this purse is achieved by the old-ass trim and buttons I found lurking quietly (plotting evil things like the return of the leisure suit) in one of my aunts’ closets. The flowers are these nifty three-dimensional things, and if you bribe me hard enough, a matching scarf pin (oh hell, wear it wherever you want it if you don’t wear scarves, I could give a damn) could be had. Yesss, it could!

Each purse comes fully lined in fabric that coordinates to the design’s theme or color scheme, depending on how much tequila I’d consumed while making it (or how quickly I wanted to be shed of the project so I could go play We Are Adults Having Adult Fun with Maxim) and I’ve Scotchguarded the shit out of every last millimeter of textile visible to the naked eye.

Original hardware is kept where practical, but if not sturdy or mean-looking enough, I replace hinges and clasps and the like. Some purses have feet (but don’t come with jogging shoes), but due to the nature of certain clasps, putting this detail on every one is unnecessary.

‘Plain’ boxes are also available, as the pieces are just beautiful sans embellishment. Same handcrafted handles and linings apply. If any of you want prices, want to see detail pictures or want to see other designs/creations, drop me a line and let me know. Only serious inquiries, please, as I am pressed for time right now what with trying to tie up loose ends on my cases before leaving, with trip preparations and with other trifling mundanities none of you people want to hear (trust me on this one).

And now, for the artful close to the pitch:

Please buy my artsy-fartsy crrrrap!

You need Christmas presents. Or the overblown sense of self-importance created by the notion of supporting a drunken artist. I need jingly pockets. My kids need something tacky and plaid brought back from Scotland as a souvenir. Thank you and goodnight.

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  1. Jettomatika 9.9.2004

    pee ess…if you’re on dial-up, I’m really, really sorry about this entry. I’m sure it took like ten YEARS to load the page.

  2. Mish 9.10.2004

    I am getting married soon and hate all the stupid wedding purses I have seen. Think you can help w/ a cigar box wedding purse? Something light ivory w/ lots of sparkle. I really like the “Piss Off” one but black and piss off would be way too much for my mother to handle. They say I need a purse b/c people will be handing me cards and I will need a place to put them. You’d think that w/ such a fucking huge dress they could hide some deep pockets in there, but nope. Maybe it could say “Thank-you” or “Bride” or better yet “Insane in the membrane” or just “INSANE”. I dont know – something cool but not offensive to a Cuban family. Cigar box is good for cuban wedding. he-he

  3. Jettomatika 9.11.2004

    Mish…I’ve been commissioned to do custom things before (the most fun was a ‘vegas’ purse with playing cards on the body and dice incorporated into the handle), and I’d be happy to discuss this further with you; just drop me an e-mail & we can toss ideas back and forth. WOO! A bridal purse sounds like fun!

  4. Mish 9.13.2004

    Cool, will contact you tonight when I get home from work!!! I get cool wedding purse – yeah!!!

  5. hans elfman 9.13.2004

    There’s nothing wrong with Capitalism

    There’s nothing wrong with free enterprise


    There’s nothing wrong with making some profit

    If you ask me I’ll say it’s just fine

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live nice


    There’s nothing wrong with Capitalism

    There’s nothing wrong with Capitalism

    That being said, I wish I had the cash to send you for your lovely trinkets, but the new job doesn’t pay enough to even be used in in john cougar mellencamp song.

    Have a great trip, try to refrain from lying in the town square spread eagle and screaming “FREEDOM!!!”.

    oh yes, I know Maxim is a beer swilling hippie, but please make sure to bring him home a good scotch. Might I recomend Glenmorangie Sherry finish, Glenmorangie 15 or 18, or if you really want to go big time, try lagavulin 16+.

    you know, forget those, they are all locally available, ask around, get him something you can’t get in the states…and no, I don’t mean a painfull seeping infection….sheesh.


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