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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 12, 2004 || 7:27 pm

“Lunatic fringe, I know you’re out there.”

Okay, here’s your shot at fame, fortune and all the Muffinass Lovetm you could kill yourself on! There might be beer and sausages, too; I’ve not decided that one yet.

As most of you that read for comprehension know, I will be leaving for Parts Formerly Unspoiled By Superior on Tuesday afternoon. I’ma do something entirely unprecedented here at [Abuantg.]: I’m opening my blog to guest posters that I’ve not personally groomed to do my bidding via my mind-controlling boobies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m asking a few of the locals (a couple I know really well, some I know not-so-much but really dig) to post in my absence. However, I’ll be accepting e-mails full of wheedling, cajoling, and bribery –begging is not altogether dismissed from the fracas if it’s real, real good– from the whole mess of you explaining why you’d like to craft entries in my stead. You catch my fancy (and sometimes doing such a thing isn’t all so complicated as one might imagine) and I send you an invite along with a date you’ll be responsible for; it really is that simple.

So get to e-mailing, because I’ma send out invites in the next twenty-four hours. Posse up! RIIIIDE!

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  1. blamb 9.12.2004

    Celebrities! Get some celebrities!

  2. melly 9.12.2004

    Wheresamyinvite? I don’t arememba my password.

  3. Jettomatika 9.13.2004

    blamb: I’m sorry, but Wil Wheaton’s ST:NG polyester jumpsuit was unavailable for the show….and you’ve taken care of Elton John.

    melly: I’ll delete the other and send a new one later this evening.

  4. blamb 9.13.2004

    We could start a petition for Wheaton, no?

  5. MaC 9.13.2004

    It’d be a great opportunity to plug my new bumper sticker Uppity people of the world unite – You’ll make a better target

    oh wait, I just did… still, the experience would be incredible.

  6. sugarmama 9.13.2004

    Why the hell would you ever wanna leave Alabama. I mean, gawdDAMN, I am insulted.


  7. Blogger’s jerking me around, all you administrators out there. Hook me up with an invite? Somebody? Anybody?


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