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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 18, 2004 || 6:03 pm

My Very First Vidblog: Live from Scotland

Hi, I’m The Dane. Jett asked me to put up this video of footage she shot in Scotland. I don’t pretend to know what she’s playing at. I only do as I’m told. Like Nazis and ambitious Wal Mart employees.

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  1. Nina 9.18.2004

    lovin it like i know i ought to. and strangely aroused. that may be the alcohol. or not. bwhahahaha

  2. SmedRock 9.19.2004

    You sir, air a FREAK! But I did find myself strangely aroused I think too…. lol

  3. red clay 9.19.2004

    when did you cut your hair off?

  4. Jettomatika 9.19.2004

    I cut-and-dyed it Alias-style just before flying off to spoil The Motherland. This way, they actually let me in the country.

  5. red clay 9.20.2004

    no offense, honey, but i don’t think it works for you.

  6. jenn 9.21.2004

    i want to marry the dane.

  7. Kat 9.27.2004

    I dunno… would you want to marry a guy with breasts like that?


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