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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 16, 2004 || 10:53 am

It is with much honor I arrive here with. It is quite exciting to be given the opportunity to keep Miz Jett’s site all fresh and purty while she’s off doing noble and honorable things.

I hope I don’t fuck it up.

Well, even if I did, Miz Jett would surely forgive me and at the very least laugh that laugh at me that she laughs when I do dumb shit things.

I have a bit of problem in that I schedule a meeting @ 1:30 and I’m very short on time to do this. The meeting is to photoshoot fruit baskets for a client that is legally deaf, but lip reads and speaks intelligbly, and I only tell you that because I think you would find it as humorous as I do that everytime I meet with this woman, even though I know she can read my lips, I find myself s h o u t i n g at her by the end of the meeting.

That being said, I’ll leave you with a little something I just posted at my own web site because I’m certain Miz Jett would laugh her muffinass off reading it when it when she gets back…

A friend that is a local web person, too, asked me to proof some new text he had written about our town’s history, to be put on a web site. He asked me to do that because he knows I’m into the history of this town, and know quite a bit more about it than the average citizen. I read it through, everything seemed right, dates seemed to be correct. No problems – except for that one thing that I know everybody always seems to leave out when they write these things….

Way back when this town was setting itself up it was the last watering hole off a main road before getting to the warehouses and docks in the next town. Most of the people coming “down off the hill” had been traveling a long hard day or more, and they would lay over here before heading down to the next town with to pick up or deliver their wares. Emphasis on the words ‘lay over’.

The truth of the matter is, the way it was explained to me, the is a tiny side street just off the main drag presented itself with some of the finest brothels this side of Buffalo back in the day. Most of the houses are still standing, as is the house with the spring loaded second floor parlor (for dancing) out the main road a piece. Turns out, this town wouldn’t have had any of the historic, opulent buildings it has now if it were not for those brothels bringing money in.

I don’t understand why they never publish that little historic tidbit when they do these things. *shrug* One of these days… (right before I leave, I think) I’m going to write a book about the true founding mothers of this town. LOL

PS: Yes Darlin, I managed to fuck it up the first go round.

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  1. Chellee 9.16.2004

    What town doesn’t owe a big thank you to those lovely cathouses? I am almost positive, although I haven’t studied the history, that Fort Worth was the cow-town and Dallas was the place where the whores lived. Have you seen all these women and their hair? Not a low maintenance place where I live.

  2. gracieB 9.16.2004

    Ye of the Purple Porch:

    For the second time today…my world is rocked. Now there are Ladies of the Evening in Buffalo. Who knew life was ever that exciting there? I could not be more shocked if they decided to rename the little podunk town I live in Winchester.


  3. CNL 9.16.2004

    You know, maybe I should have mentioned those houses that are still standing aren’t actually brothels anymore. The mayor’s son might want me to point that out considering he’s living in one of ‘em.


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