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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 28, 2004 || 9:39 am

Well, now.

In some Great and Wondrous Conspiracy to Keep Jett Off the Internet, something heinous and mayhap evil has happened to my computer in my absence. Okay, well, if I’m being truly, truly honest, it started happening before I left, I just didn’t have the time or wherewithal to address it then.

My site displays all crazy-like (and not at all as planned) with IE (YES, I’m still using THAT browser, and YES, that will soon change), I can’t access comments (leave them for my eventual return, I suppose) and cannot get into my Gmail account (therefore e-mailing me about said prob will not do you nor me any good whatsoever).

It appears that I will have to do the Fabulous Backup And Wipe dance with the hard drive, but I will not have the ability to do that until this weekend (to be read: Unx and Skillzy, have your mobiles in the ‘On and Ready’ position for my calls of desperation and pleading) as I’ve a ton of paperwork and client fuck-ups to catch up on, I’m readying for a show this weekend, and (to be quite frank) I’m doing the whole extra quality time thing with the boys, as I missed them immensely.

Guest posters, I am leaving you the reins for a few more days until I can get the system un-wonked, and I thank you kindly for the great stuffs you hung up to dry in my absence. Stories, observations, and copious amounts of curse words upon my return.

Oh yeah, they’s pitchers (even of Scottish boys with motorbikes; who knew I wasn’t just postulating that idea, and that they really and truly wait in Scotland to be scooped up by some sassy American wench??), too.

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  1. Nina 9.28.2004

    Welcome back! Can’t wait for you to get your sh–tuff straightened out so’s you can tell us all about your adventure! with pitchers! and cussing! wooo!

  2. Chellee 9.28.2004

    Hope you had a great trip!

    Thanks for the loan.

  3. Lothregast 10.1.2004


    Welcome back to the states. I am so incredibly sorry about the unforgivable absence of my post. As promised ritual suicide is scheduled for Sunday night, live on webcam should you request. I am currently galavanting about the country with a group of people on their way to Washington, D>C>. We have toured through eight states thus far and have only today gained access to a portal of internet communication. They will miss me when I die, but my honor compels me. Sorry again. Hope your trip was memorable and productive.



  4. Jettomatika 10.3.2004


    Wait….it’s Sunday evening; am I too late??


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