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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 30, 2004 || 12:28 am

Cereal Repercussions

Dear Person Who Hogged Up Damn Near All The Frosted Mini-Wheats, Thereby Leaving Me Approximately Five In The Bag For My One Ay Emm Post-Phonehilarity Snackfest:

Please recall who jockeys the allowance reins around these parts. And also, coincidentally, has effective control over your social calendar for AT LEAST the next six or so years.

Earnestly Seeking My Calcium and Grain Products Fix,

The One What Gaved You Birth Long About Twelve Years Ago, You Cute Little Mop-Haired Bottomless Stomach

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Dear Person Who Revealed Momma’s Tried-and-True ‘Special Groceries’ Hiding Spot:

Look, I don’t advocate using sex as a weapon, but we’re talking Frosted Mini-Wheats here.

You bastard.


The One What Brings The Bells And Whistles (and bungee cords and cleverly-used Altoids, to boot!)

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  1. skillzy 10.30.2004

    Want some of my Cap’n Crunch?

  2. blamb 10.30.2004

    I have some granola stuff, Corn Flakes, Quaker Oats, ee-TEK…

  3. CJ 10.30.2004

    Aw, fuckin’ HELL! Not the damn frosted mini-wheats! See, maybe it is your maternal instinct, but had somebody stole my bits of wheaty goodness, the Inquisition woulda looked liek a fucking BRIDGE GAME!

    I love me some mini-wheats.


  4. Jamie 11.1.2004

    I prefer pop rocks over altoids.

  5. Mish 11.1.2004

    Altoids, pop rocks – thanks gals – some good ideas to surprise on la luna del miel (honeymoon in spanish – literally “moon of honey”)


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