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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 7, 2004 || 12:34 pm

Dear Fellow Webloggers:

That’s it. We’re all officially douchebags. I just heard the term ‘blogosphere‘ on the national news.


Jett “‘Bout Sicka This Nonsense” Superior

pee ess….Warbloggers, I blame this shit on you. You’re like the drunk great-uncle with wild-fuzzy hair, a whiskey bottle in one fist, a cane resting across his knee and a really, really bad case of PTSD. Amusing –and maybe even a tad cute– with his fist-shaking and copious spit-splutter-talk routine while at home, but heartily embarrassing when you dance him out into the public arena.

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  1. Anonymous 10.7.2004

    So are you fixed? I am a blogger. Read my comment there for my opinion. And you’re late for the party, they started talking about this stuff on teevee while you were in Scotland bein a kitchen wench.

  2. skillzy 10.7.2004

    That last comment was mine, I’m click-happy.

  3. V. 10.7.2004

    Why, if I’m a douche bag, that must me there is hope for me to, as they say in the vernacular, get some.

    Go me.

  4. blamblag 10.7.2004

    I was a douchebag before it was cool.

    Warbloggers provide a valuable service, now you know what the pale, nerdy kid who drank a lot of Coke and did Nixon impressions was REALLY thinking.

  5. Kat 10.7.2004

    Yeah, V, go you!

  6. sugarmama 10.8.2004

    NBC interviewed two bloggers after the VP debates on TV. Wonkette and some other guy. They were both holding their white Mac laptops and looked like total dorks.

  7. john 10.8.2004

    Wonkette gets a free pass from me just because she is a former Suckster.

    Pontificating about all things political is no panacea, but it provides people with a sense of purpose and perhaps a paltry sense of stress relief so I sympathize to some degree while sharing the sincere spite for that torturous term.

  8. skillzy 10.8.2004

    You’ll never see me on TV holding a little girly computer. Maybe a bottle of Jack, maybe Britney’s boobie, maybe a large caliber firearm, maybe a trench coat over my head, but never a Mac.

  9. The Dane 10.9.2004

    Just curious skillz? Would Brit still be attached to it at the time of your televised appearance?

  10. sugarmama 10.11.2004

    When you say “it” do you mean her boobie or the bottle of Jack Daniels? haha

  11. The Dane 10.11.2004

    The bottle, of course. Televised appearances should always be made with something valuable and/or cherished in hand.

  12. skillzy 10.11.2004

    The way I have it pictured, I’m all snuggled up behind Britney, grinning over her shoulder while I hang onto a boob and wave to Mom with the bottle in my other hand. Meanwhile, my “large caliber firearm” would be poking Britney, making her giggle.

  13. Kat 10.15.2004

    Perhaps she’s giggling cause of how relative the word “large” can be…


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