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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 28, 2004 || 12:37 am

perteckters of the innersent

Friends, I have shiny red toenails and my hair is bouncy and manageable at the moment. What more could a girl ask for??

Social Services Networking, Part the First:

Wanna know what happens when you meet a chick from the AIDS Action Coalition when you’ve both had too many tequilas? Why, you end up trading horror stories, of course. If you’re me, you also end up with a cute little brown kraft bag full of these:

Charm at its finest: ‘See Dick with an erection / See Dick with no protection / See Dick with an infection. DON’T BE A DICK.’

….and, of course, they come in a rainbow of fruity fun hues! I’ve not done a TACKY PACKtm in, I dunno, A MILLION YEARS, so as penance for my bad behavior, I’ll send one to the first ten of you to hit the commentseses (address, of course, can be sent privately via the mighty, mighty Gmail). The first three even get their choice of colors.

I seem to have an assload* of green ones, how cute. Go figure.

*pun absolutely, unflinchingly intended.

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  1. Skillzy 10.28.2004

    Woooooohooo! I win! This week just gets bettah and bettah!

  2. Erin 10.28.2004

    Yay! Me too!

    I love green. :-D

  3. The Dane 10.28.2004

    The really funny thing is their place of origin, because you know that Thailand has just GOTTA be the safe sex capital of the universe.

  4. CJ 10.28.2004

    Heh! Hellz yeah, woot for the safe sex.



  5. Jettomatika 10.28.2004

    I dug the whole Thailand thing, as well. I was hoping that bit would scan off cleanly.


  6. Jettomatika 10.28.2004

    Plus, if you’re in the midst of a dry spell (‘dry spell, AHHHHahaha!), you’ve got until two-thousand seven to employ your emergency jimmy hat.

    Convenience AND longetivity; that’s what I’M talkin’ ’bout.

  7. Jamie 10.28.2004

    Me too, me too.

  8. Wendolene 10.28.2004

    Yay, tacky pack!

  9. Erin 10.28.2004

    Maybe it’s just my dirty, 8th. grade mind, but I still snigger whenever someone says “Bangkok”.

  10. Erin 10.28.2004

    Um, by that, I mean, I have the mind of an 8th. grader, not that I’m in 8th. grade.

    Gah. Three comments in one day to a weblog I’ve never commented on before. Whatta maroon…

  11. Mish 10.28.2004

    Boo – I’m #11…. Do I still have a chance? A freebie w/ a purse maybe?? Oooh – 2 of the comments are yours so I do get one! I remember one valentines day I went to a club and people were handing out condoms. As I had no pockets, I put inside the cellophane wraper on my cigarette box. Later on I overheard some guys saying – look at her, she comes prepared.

  12. sarabella 10.28.2004

    i think i’m #9!!! this is a fantistic keychain! the kitchyier, the better for sure.

    i’m slightly concerned and overly amused by the fact that the back says “product of thailand….it makes me giggle and i’m not too sure why.

  13. Dean 10.28.2004

    I think I might be #10! If not, don’t tell me… just allow me to live my life thinking I was.

  14. Jettomatika 10.28.2004

    Dean, you were nine. One more to go!

  15. Nina 10.28.2004

    heh I used to have a shirt that had “see dick rope” “see dick ride” “see dick’s women” on the front with little drawings and the back said “cowgirls love dick”.

  16. Jettomatika 10.29.2004

    Skillzy! Wendy! Nina! Need adder-esses!


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