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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 20, 2004 || 9:31 am

schoolbus girls adult videos

Look, I fully understand how people get to me using search strings like

monologue uses silver spiders in my grave

but I just don’t grok the ones that are all ’schoolbus girls adult videos’.

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  1. hans 10.20.2004

    Makes sense to me; but then again I found you by looking for “green monkey sex pumpkin”

  2. skillzy 10.20.2004

    “stuffin muffins” got me here

  3. V. 10.21.2004

    By definition, girls, whether on schoolbuses or not, cannot be adults.

    Further proof that the internet is full of water brained half-wits and general illiterates.

    Whenever I do see an “adult” video, I always think to myself, “Oh, honey. The rent couldn’t have been *that* late.”

  4. Joe 10.21.2004

    I know what your talking about. Do you realize how many perverts unknowingly wander onto my page on a daily basis, only to be let down while being assaulted with potty humor?

  5. Jettomatika 10.22.2004

    Yeah, I couldn’t even BEGIN to fathom what the pervs go through emotionally when they come here.

    Maybe some pervs will speak up and tell us: Is it a beautiful letdown??

    (and Joe….glad you’re still here!!)

  6. skillzy 10.23.2004

    Well, there could be more pictures. But I dunno about letdown.

  7. Mish 10.28.2004

    I know, those things are so strange. I am really small time, but in some country I am #1 for “boobs”??


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