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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 17, 2004 || 4:36 pm


“I’ll take ‘AUDBLOGS’ for five-hundred, Alex.”

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  1. Kat 10.18.2004

    A voice! A voice! Not necessarily the voice I would have imagined, but isn’t that always the way? I imagined you’d sound alot like me, but you didn’t. I had hoped to hear the lyrics of “The Ill-Bred Bitch at the Conoco Station”.

  2. Skillzy 10.18.2004

    I go out of my way to be mean to Pepsi drinkers myself. Maybe she’d be nicer if she was bred well (and often) like you. BWA-HA! Oh, and thanks for saying fuck, that was hawt.


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