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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 25, 2004 || 8:17 pm


I’m the number two search overall for the phrase ‘nowhere to go’.

That is wicked-cool, because you just know some person out there in the great sea of Cyberians is typing in the phrase ‘nowhere to go’ because they really and truly have nowhere to go on a random Friday or Saturday (or even the lesser Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights; maybe not even a Tuesday night, yo…the very least of them all) night and are seeing what the World Wild InterWeb can do to combat, remedy and/or take their mind off that little tidbit.

Welcome, fellow interwebnet dork. I have big boobs and can sometimes knock a phrase –whizzing and arcing– right on outta the literary ballpark. You are home.

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  1. sara 10.26.2004

    Dearest Jett,

    I can literally go for EONS, yes EONS without reading your site, sorry but life gets away from me on occasion, and then I stop back in to see what literary genius you have spewed out, and each and every time I find fucking magic. MAGIC. Magnificance of the foxtrot that you dance with the english language, strance synchronicites that make me think that all like-minded humans are strung together through some cosmic wire, keeping us all on track and not at all in synch, but moving ahead none the less.

    The moral? Gracias Seniorita. For being the #2 search for nowhere to go. For rocking ass and having the ability to dance with a language so obstinant and disrespectful of it’s roots. For everything. Yep.

  2. V. 10.26.2004

    Big boobs? That is all well and good, but I’m a man of the world so you’re going to have to do more than that to sell me, sister.

    Actually, you could sell me, but you’d better start soon. I’m not getting any younger.

    The house gets 40% of the take and pays for my medical exams, creams, Quell and anti-biotics.

    Sound fair?

  3. Lili 10.26.2004

    I swear I have to echo the words sara typed…I’m so far behind on trying to catch up on my blog reading. Having a casual soup-ish type lunch at my desk I took this opportunity to check out your Blog again…as always it’s simply kicks ass.

    Congrats as well on the “nowhere to go” perhaps you should trademark it?

  4. hans 10.26.2004

    nowheretogo.com = homeless help

    nowheretogo.net = 2 err 4 nice girls

    nowheretogo.info = your new ($$$making) site where you draw upon your audience to guest author “what to do when in ___” articles.

    The sad thing is 5 years ago we could have drawn up a half assed business plan and had venture capital fighting over the “opportunity” to make it a reality. The idea is still feasible, but daddy warbucks isn’t likely to appear out of the ether and fund it.

    nowheretogo.info is open, register it, milk it for all it’s worth; Hell, I’ll even submit some pieces for what to do while in AZ…Just remember me when it’s time to dole out stock options!

  5. April Love 10.26.2004

    Hey my sista! April Love is back and I’m never gonna get caught up on the reading of the Jett’s blog, but I shall try. I found your combat boot keychain…I must bring it to you. Love & Shit!

  6. Dean 10.27.2004

    Here I was thinking that this was THE place to go…. that’s what I get for being such a follower – nowhere!

  7. Richard D. Bartlett 10.27.2004

    sometimes i search through your whole site just to find the last witty thing i said

  8. Jettomatika 10.27.2004

    That must take you eons, dear Richard.

    You should call. We have drinks to drink and thinks to think.


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