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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 21, 2004 || 10:16 pm

All in an afternoon’s work, m’friend.

[Skateboard shop. JETT SUPERIOR. SAM SUPERIOR. One of the foster kids that JETT hauls around to various and sundry places on various and sundry occasions. FOSTER GIRL is female, fourteen, and VERRRRY Drew Barrymore both in appearance and attitude, i.e., exceptionally cute, witty and fun.]

FOSTER GIRL: Hey Sam, you finished? I think we’re ready to go.

[RANDOM SKATE PUNK that was conversating with Sam turns and makes a flippant remark to our heroine FG.]

JETT: Feel free to pick up any ole thing and bust him in the head with it, FG.

[The eyes of several surrounding skatophiles grow large. Dinner-platish, even.]

JETT: Funny how these little dudes think that shoving four wheels up under their feet gives them license to let any ole smart-aleck crrrrap fall outta their mouths.

[A handful of skate kids, FG and SAM chuckle. There are skate kids mocking RANDOM SKATE PUNK from all directions.]

SK1: Oooooh, she burned yo’ bacon!

SK2: D’OH!

SK3: AHHHHH-hahaha!

RANDOM SKATE PUNK: Maaaan, Sam, your mom is harsh.

[Sam nods sagely while smirking]

SAM: My momma don’t play.

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  1. CJ 11.21.2004

    Haha. She keeps it real, yo.


  2. cal 11.22.2004

    sam’s gonna grow up knowing how to deal. *very* cool.

  3. ike 11.22.2004

    After being out of touch for a week or so (waiting for Telecom Italia’s creeping technocracy to get my broke-ass phone line fixed), I finally got back online and read these last three posts in sequence.

    Damn, girl. No wonder I keep coming back. It’s not just the easy charm or the skill at putting thoughts into black and white. It’s the breadth.

    ‘Tis a good thing for all of us that you’ve chosen to use your Superior powers for Good.


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