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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 1, 2004 || 9:30 pm

E’erbody hold your breath and pray.

In the same way that my momma calls New Year’s Eve ‘Amateur Drunk Night’, she has always called election day ‘Amateur Citizen Day’.

I got the cleverest momma in the whole world.

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  1. hans 11.1.2004

    I know you try to shy away from political endorsement; but in these odd times I am sure you will join me in this political endorsement:

    randee of the redwoods in 04.

  2. charles 11.2.2004

    >> hold your breath and pray

    been hearing that a lot lately.

  3. jen 11.2.2004

    i agree with your mom – let’s all just thank the lord that election day doesn’t fall on new year’s eve…or we’d have drunk amateur voting citizens.

    wait, we’ll probably have that, too.

  4. sir hans sir hans 11.2.2004

    It’s also amateur Dead day!:


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