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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 2, 2004 || 9:10 pm

Eye contact is important, see?

Every now and again in the course of my travels I run upon a kid that makes me want to approach him, bend over (eye contact is important, see?) and whisper hoarsely, “Little kid, if you were my child, I’d totally carry you home right this minute and beat you until your eyeballs bled.”

But then again, if children like this were my kids, they’d never have gotten to the point in the first place where a complete (and pretty rational, where munchkins are concerned) stranger wants to say such a thing to them.

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  1. J.Nel 11.2.2004

    My problem is, the kids I work with are little assholes for a reason… They were so freakin abused and neglected, they have never learned what proper behavior is. It kills me, because I want to hug them, and kick them in the head at the same time. I would also like to kick their parents in the head, but, ummm, thats another story… Kids in the mall that come from well-to-do families, yet still run wild… Well, they are just aking for kick in the head – screw the hug.

  2. blamb 11.2.2004

    For me, eye contacts are very important, otherwise I could not see.

  3. Dean 11.3.2004

    The best is when your own kids say “gosh Dad, those kids are so rude!” Then you KNOW you’ve done something right.

  4. Could I get you to c’mon over and eye-contact a couple of 16 year olds? I’ll cover your airfare and buy you (us) a bottle of Jose for after their eyeballs bleed. Or Maybe you could just adopt me? I won’t give you no trouble, Miss Jett.

  5. Wendolene 11.3.2004

    I had children from the depth of Hades this morning… frickin whining and hitting and slobbering and crying for no reason. I like doing portraits. I do not like children. I do not like doing children’s portraits.

  6. c 11.4.2004

    the world needs more mom’s like you… losing sight at an early age might keep those freaks off the road thus making my commute suck cock…

    on another note, wtf is going on with parental guidance in the world? no one spanks their kids in fear of social services or CPS… there was this lady that let her kid drop trow and shit a steamin’ turd in the middle of the isle at Wally World … another at Target that did her entire 45 minute shopping thing with a youngin’ SCREAMING at the top of her lungs “I WANT IT! I WANT IT!” without doing diddly.

    Farkin baffles me.

    Anyhoo, I miss our talks. I know my blog sucks these days, but thought you and Moo should know that I wish we stayed in better touch.

    Let me take a moment to provide a public service announcement: “Corporate America” (currently putting food on my table) can kiss my puckered brown star.

    and it’s like I always say… I’d rather be on the mountain thinking about God than in church thinking about the mountain.

    sincerely, your far away friend…


  7. grace 11.8.2004

    Amen sister!!


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