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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 26, 2004 || 5:48 pm

(in which I ponder)

It’s amazing, really, the level of rage a subcontractor can raise you to without even raising a fist or saying a cross word.

It’s truly, truly baffling how these beasts manage to torture someone by just promising (over and over in the course of ten days’ time) that ’so-and-so will be done and installed by today’ and then not following through.

I just may end up running my head through the divine, freshly-stripped and -exposed brick (thanks to ME! and okay, to SAM!) in the kitchen. You’ll know it if you see it: It’s the kitchen that has not seen the first cabinet, nor even the first hint of one.

Kindly be patient, loyal Muffinasses, for there are words a-brewin’. I just haven’t the energy (nor the uncramped fingers due to various drilly, painty, sandy, spackly, caulky activities) at present to smack ‘em up, flip ‘em and write ‘em down.

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  1. c 11.29.2004

    subcontractors don’t grasp time… it is a prerequisite for becoming a subcontractor me thinks… my advice is put on your best smile and slutter those gorgeous eyes at them as you offer them some of the fresh coffee you just brewed and squeezed some Visine in… I mean, hell, if they are going to waste time, it may as well be agonizing over some porcelain. Perhaps they can reflect on their efficiency?

  2. jm 12.5.2004

    Oh don’t.make.me.start. I’ve been promised the bathroom project for a few months now. MONTHS! I would firmly plant a boot up his ass if it weren’t for the fact that he is SO damn GOOD and affordable at the same time.

    Frick. Frick. Frick.


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