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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 30, 2004 || 11:58 pm

Mmmm, eggroll.

Sometimes, when the wasabi paste is not where it’s supposed to be, I flip out a little (just for effect).

Keeps everybody around here on their toes.

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  1. Johnny T 12.6.2004

    I like when the wasabi makes you black out for a little bit. Once, I think it made my penial gland tingle. That was almost a spiritual experience.

    And have you ever noticed how great you feel after wasabi, ginger and sake? It is like a wonderful drug salad. Except they aren’t really drugs, save one. But you feel like you float to your car and the world just moved down a notch from “hard” to “moderate.”

  2. Kat 12.10.2004

    Oh Johnny-T – you are my hero. No one else I’ve ever met has understood what I meant by (and loved about) that wasabi high – the way vision is sucked from your eyes, breath from your throat and existence collapses into the tip of your tongue, burns its way through your sinues and exits your tear ducts with a blush. Damn good stuff.


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