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Morning conversation between the Superiors predicated by Maxim’s Having Woken Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed and subsequently being King Crabass for an hour:

JETT: Look, stop trying to Act Generally Nice And Make Me Giggle. I want to leave the house still angry; if I get hit by a gravel truck and Go To Meet My Maker, I want the comfort of knowing, on the other side, that you will feel like shit until you join me. This will be a direct result of the ill-spoken last sentiments you gifted me with.

MAXIM: (muttering): Jett’s last words upon being mowed down by that gravel truck: “Oh shit, I was just kidding“.

JETT: I HEARD THAT! I don’t care, you’ll still be sorry and I’ll still be vindicated.

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  1. CJ 11.9.2004

    And history is written by the vindicated, by gum!



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