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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 10, 2004 || 8:35 pm

Readery Lovin’, oh yeaaahhhhh.

Look-look-looooook what a charming reader sent me for Dia de los Muertos!

Each one is hand-decorated and unique; when the giver asked me what mine looks like, he made fun of me for not opening it yet (“I’m saving it!” says I). So, pally, it’s got orange swirls for hair, a rose on its forehead and RED EYES. It couldn’t be more perfect for the recipient. >:o)

The very attractive, sideways girl is Mish (they’s nothin’ purdier than a laughing, sideways gal, is thur?). If you were wondering as to my whereabouts, well….then she’s to blame. She’s commissioned me to make purses for her and her entire wedding party, so I’ve been busy with that order (SO MUCH FUN!). Can’t entirely blame it on her, however. There were a couple days of back home in Memphis, drinking-slash-carousing (Elizabeth, you are the best! waitress! ever! I heart you!) thrown in there.

Speaking of Memphis drinking-slash-carousing, here’re Butch’s hands:

Butch, apparently, was on top of a car in Memphis, showing the aftereffects of alcohol. I don’t know Butch, per se, but he makes pretty art and he’s got great-looking hands. Please recall that your hostess is a Hand Girl from way back.

I found Butch via Hana, who I am equally fascinated with. She’s from ‘over yonder’ and is here in little ole Hellabama working on a Really Cool Thing. She, for all intents and purposes, has an especially dreamy life right now. Well, from an ‘experiences’ standpoint, anyway. Please, Hana, know that the South you are experiencing is wildly different from most of the rest of what’s below the Mason-Dixon. Seems like you are keeping fine company, though, and that’s a good bit of anything, really.

Side nod: Hana has Project Row Houses in her links list. I came across this site some months ago and saved it to my ‘To Be Blogged As Really Awesome Shit’ file. Needless to say (so I’m typing it, ar-ar), I forgot totally about it until seeing it over at virtualhana.

So while I’m throwing out willy-nilly links to boys with beautiful hands, if you’ve never listened to Peter before (or read his precious words, natch), you should scurry on over and do so. He and I have talked about meeting on the road somewhere in middle America one day. He’ll bring a guitar, I’ll leave mine at home and bring some angst and maybe, just maybe, one of us will remember to shlep along a recording device of some sort to catch all the flying music with. I can’t be sure, but I’m fairly convinced that there will be beer and clever lyrics aplenty, as well.

Okay, wondrous Muffinasses, I believe that’ll be it just now. Tune in tomorrow for some trucked-up, whiskey-inflated passionate sorrow. Then come back the next day for Official Interactive Reader Funtime! Promise. Cross my heart.

With a shabby shoelace and some Liquid Nails.

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  1. Skillzy 11.10.2004

    Man, no e-mail, no linky, no nuthin. If only I had nicer hands. I don’t feel so bad about pickin on you in Sugah’s comments today. Heeeee.

    If you did link me, more than likely the site would be down, so I guess that works out. But the no e-mail thing is Un. Ass. Epptubble.

  2. hana 11.11.2004

    hey, thanks for the mention…I’m well aware that I’m leading an unusually good life here…but nevertheless, living and building houses for the poorest folks in the Black Belt I hope is keeping me real. Nothing very glamorous about the clients we’re working for here, or their rotting trailer homes.

  3. Mish 11.12.2004

    Thank you for your oh so kind words and I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE PURSES!!! I am so excited; this is one of the most fun parts of the wedding b/c I HATE PLANNING. You are one of the coolest, snazziest and best people on the internets.

  4. Mish 11.18.2004

    I got the purses and i LOVE THEM! Thank you so very much!


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