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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 14, 2004 || 2:44 pm

This has only happened a couple times in my entire lifetime, and it’s not pleasant.

I am so tired that I want to die.

That’s about all I got for you, kids: I’m so tired that I want to die. When we were painting I was looking forward to moving. Now that we’re moving, I look forward to getting back to the painting part (not quite done, don’tcha know).

You can now begin looking ahead, anticipating next week’s token waste-of-everybody’s-time-but-
I’m-just-assuring-you-(AND me)-that-I’m-not-dead entry where I’m all, “Oh-ho-ho, aren’t I a melodramatic thing now, honey?” That will be post-sleep. Today? Today is full-on mumbly-speak and fuzzy-head and seeing, like, CRAYZAY! shit.

Even though I know that the cable will not be on for a few days at the new pad (and who’ll have time for it anyway?), send words of great cheer and grand kindness. Shore a sistah up, bitches!!!

(pee ess….I found something even better than the Atheist’s Nativity for the Christmas post this year! JOY!)

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  1. BFG 12.14.2004

    Hang in there, painting leads to another thing, the cleaning up then its the washing of windows and then the cleaning of the gutters and and and stuff.

    You are doing well, btw. keep cool.

    Blessed be BFG

  2. Nina 12.15.2004

    Land ho! Oh, not that kind of shore.

    Hey, you’re moving shit, the end is in sight. Well, sort of. Move some shit, paint some shit, get some sleep, leave the vac alone for a bit and come entertain us. Better than the Atheist’s Nativity you say? Can’t wait!

  3. Coelecanth 12.15.2004

    I once woke up laying at the base of a wall in an empty apartment. Rag in one hand, bottle of cleaner in the other, staring up at an uncleaned wall. Couldn’t remember laying down, didn’t understand how I could fall asleep with Bad Religion’s Against the Grain rattling the windows. Couldn’t even remember what my damage deposit was, but knew it wasn’t enough to make me do any more.

    Rock on! Just like banging your head, it’ll feel great when you’re done.

  4. Chellee 12.15.2004

    And, then, you look around and it’s your own, your very own. No maintenance men ever unless you call them, no sharing walls with dumbasses with dogs, and no brick-footed idiots living upstairs. (‘Course, I don’t know how lightfooted the other Superiors tend to be, but you get the picture.)

    Congratulations and enjoy!

  5. hans 12.23.2004

    merry christmas moviehouse!

  6. BFG 12.23.2004

    Blessed be to you in this holiday season, may your wishes come true. BFG

  7. Richard D. Bartlett 12.24.2004

    being in the better half of the world, christmas is here in less than 4 hours, so I will bid you a good one and also summer solstice which was a few days ago but still deserves a mention.

    keep it real dahling

    if you want a letter, you’ll have to email me your new postal address. I’ve renounced tv and the internet in favour of books and letters and looking after my niece (soon)

    much arohanui

  8. blamb 1.2.2005

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Your resolution should be to post again sometime.


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