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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 10, 2005 || 1:30 am

meeting of the minds

Often, my husband and I have conversations that challenge me and/or sate me intellectually.

Other times there are exchanges like this:


JETT: ??…Whaaa?

MAXIM: Tiny men you wear on your head!

[JETT giggles]



MAXIM: Tiny men you exchange for goods and services!

At times like these, I fall into maniacal laughter. Mosta the time I then ‘jump his bones’, as the kids all say nowadays.

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  1. Jettomatika 1.13.2005

    Look, I’m not posting again until somebody comments on this entry.

    HOMBREROS, people! That is pure comedic genius!

  2. skillzy 1.13.2005

    Are you threatening me? Do not anger my bungholio, amigo!

  3. Jenny 1.14.2005

    LMFAO! thats funny. i’ll have to show that to my mom. hehe.

  4. Richard D. Bartlett 1.14.2005

    like i said

    all girls are easy

  5. Jettomatika 1.14.2005

    Look, Wretched….you’re not the one who brought ‘hombresos’ to the table.

    Far too easy for a man to come along afterward and sniff, ‘Tole ya so.’

    pee ess, HA! You’re still reading!

  6. Joe 1.18.2005

    I don’t know if I need such services, on the man front that is. Sorry I haven’t been around to read your blog, I kind of took a blog vacation. I’veread and written very little as far as the blog world is concerned for the past few months. I think I’m back. Hope your doing well!!!

  7. skillzy 1.20.2005

    Wait, I have one…

    la bloggerita invisible

    its an invisible lady blogger!

  8. melly 1.26.2005

    If he said “hombreros” to me, with that perfect accent of his, I too would be forced to jump his bones.

    But only for like an innocent hug.

    And a squeeze of one of your bigguns.

  9. yvonne 1.29.2005


    I just saw you im’d me.

    I was out to dinner. I should have put my away message on.

    Now you’re probably all “that bitch was ignoring me!”

    But I totally wasn’t.

    There’s my email if you want to holla at me.

  10. Skillzy 1.29.2005

    OK bloggerita, you promised posting. If there’s no posting, at least come holla at me on AIM. I signed on just por vous.


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